Life Changes

Old age catches up to us all and Jay Contway is no exception. Years of roping and riding and pouring pots of molten hot bronze have wreaked enough havoc on his back that he is now wheelchair bound. His mind prefers to remember the glory days of youth and accomplishments of a world-famous artist rather than the humdrum details of everyday living in the care of others. To date, Jay has made over 225 different sculptures and cast over 6000 pieces of his work, turning them into salable treasures. Together with his wife and business partner, Lynn, Jay intends to cast out the remaining models until each has been completed. The Contways have been working with excellent Montana foundries for several years so they are completely confident in the quality of the work being produced.

Coming Soon!

Over the next months, 3 sculptures per month will be offered at reduced prices. They will be advertised online and contacting Lynn will make the sale. First come, first served. However, if a piece is this current website, additional sales can be ordered at the sale price. The wait will be at least 6 weeks (depending on the foundries).
Stay tuned for more information! You can always call Lynn Contway with any questions: mobile (406) 868-8684